Book Marketing

I am a marketing & PR professional, available for publishing companies and authors.

I have worked for: Pan Books, Merehurst, Charles Letts, Dorling Kindersley, Constable & Robinson, Sutton and The History Press.

Book Marketing for Publishing Companies
What I can do for you

I have many years experience in marketing, public relations and sales that includes planning, creating, co-ordinating and budgeting campaigns, writing all sales and advertising materials, maintaining effective PR coverage and looking after web output and social media. I have excellent communication skills, I am good at presentations, can manage and work within a team and can work on numerous projects at any given time.


  • Evaluating each project ie, price, format, cover, timing, content, emphasis, visuals, targeting, defining usp and key points
  • Co-ordinating all elements in the mix
  • Assessing the author and ensuring maximum involvement in the campaign
  • Creating, planning and budgeting campaigns
  • Organising PR including author interviews, press and magazine features and reviews
  • Internal & external communication
  • Organising author tours, events and functions
  • Liaising with the sales force
  • Making presentations at conferences and meetings
  • Working with key accounts on promotional campaigns
  • Preparing and implementing sales & marketing plans
  • Controlling budgets
  • Creative – design concepts and ideas
  • Preparing all display material and advertising
  • Producing catalogues and leaflets
  • Creating web campaigns
  • Writing press releases and all relevant copy
  • Strategic planning
  • Maintaining corporate visibility and branding
  • Managing staff
  • Dealing with outside agencies including media buying, design and print
  • Implementing company strategy and development
  • Maintaining websites, blogs and all social media activity
  • Managing expectations

Book Marketing for authors
What I can do for you

  • Defining your book concept
  • Creating an effective synopsis or book proposal for an agent or publisher
  • Advising or assisting with your marketing & PR
  • Advice about web presence and online activity

If you would like to discuss using my services please email or phone.
01453 751817

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